What is gTamilOCR ?

gTamilOCR is a free, cross-platform, intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for printed Tamil text released under GNU GPL. gTamilOCR uses Image Processing Library 98(IPL98) for the underlying image processing functions and wxWidgets Framework for providing platform independent GUI.

Features :

  • Free
  • Works both in GNU/Linux OS and Windows.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Automatic noise removal facility.
  • Automatic skew detection and correction.
  • Moments based feature selection.


  • Initial Release Of gTamilOCR is released on 14th April (Tamil New Year's Day).

  • 06th April 2005- Screen Shots Added.




Download Windows Binary




Is Under Preparation.




Visweswara R <visweswara.AT.users.sourceforge.net> - Original author and core OCR engine developer.
Janagaraj V <janagaraj.AT.users.sourceforge.net> Developer (GUI, Testing).
Karthik M <karthik_eds.AT.users.sourceforge.net> Web Developer.


Project Home...


Visit the project page at sourceforge.net .


Screen Shots



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Last updated on 23/06/2005